What we do?

Lef.geenlof.nl organizes dare-to-do events, challenges and innovation labs. Those originate from small-scale unconferences about things that have never been done before. Because it can be done differently. You can apply to participate for free.

We are sponsored by companies that want to create a talent pool, push innovation and build bridges. A movement and community for service innovators, transformers, movers, smarties and sharpshooters.


Collaborative development

We promote integrated and collaborative development, bringing the public and private sectors and civil society. Our members include experts within and outside the health sector, innovators, and leaders of the future.

Together, we focus on concrete, high-impact, and scalable solutions. And above all, ensure that they come to life.


Do you want to change the world?

Get involved and make the change!

Do you bring yourself as the most important factor for change?

Are you willing to sweat for a better world?

Then we are looking for you.



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Recruitment is aan het veranderen van skills naar purpose driven. Het gaat om de mens: van #humanresoures naar #humanrelations.

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