Successful employee value propositions

We all still remember it: at the end of the nineties, Apple came up with a commercial that paid tribute to a large number of world’s greats, that were known as outsiders with the message ‘Think Different’. Beside the brilliant reaction to IBM’s motto ‘Think’, it secretly was one of the first big EVP-slogans ever created.

Steve Jobs used, after discussing it with his communication advisor, the corporate slogan with a different purpose than just as a commercial: it had to have a familiar value for existing employees and bind them and in addition, to sketch an alluring picture for potential employees. The IT-nerds from within and outside the company empathized with the persona of excellent outsiders and their ego was caressed instead of brought down.

The slogan ‘Think Different’ became useless in 2002, but Apple still pays a lot of attention to the EVP by analyzing what characterizes a pleasant working environment for their employees and for the pool with appealing potential employees, time after time. The company showed new innovative initiatives as the first employer with an in-house doctor’s post, a from-and-to-work shuttle service and an extended maternity leave for mothers and fathers. Everything to make Apple an appealing employer for current and future employees.
Source: The importance of a strong employee value proposition

“We are building a company that people love. A company that will stand the test of time, so we invest in our people and optimize for your long-term happiness.”

“We lead. We invent. We deliver. We use the power of sport to move the world.”

In the eight years since Moynihan drafted Dell’s original EVP, she says, the core has not changed dramatically. What has changed is the level of emphasis she and her team place on specific aspects of the promise. As Dell 2.0 becomes reality, they are focused on communicating two specific aspects of the EVP: the freedom to dream big and the opportunities for career development at Dell.

Source: Creating a Compelling Employee-Value Proposition

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