Laloux and Personalized Recruitment

The past two decades a great deal has changed in the domain of HR. The number of jobs has expanded, employees have become more demanding and the age at which someone enters or leaves the employment market widened. Concepts like talent, culture, agile, happiness and employee journey have become commonplace. Additionally an organisations’ surroundings have become more demanding, renewal is ever quicker, purpose has become key and a globalised market the norm.

Masterclass Personalized Recruitment

FELIX masterclass

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The experience of an employee matters. And this is how you trace these stories.

If you want to recruit new staff, you need to start with your own employees. Real employees, with roots in the organization. Experiences people who know what the job is all about. They have a story. Let them tell this story. That is how you make a difference as a marketeer in a big company. But is this everything? How do you trace these stories?

Learn how you can perfectly learn together.

Leren Leren

The one who does not teach others to be a teacher, is not capable of redesigning anything. Do not innovate or improve. It’s stuck in the Dutch Big Forest Atlas To measure the distance between Gorinchem and Apeldoorn indefinitely with a HEMA geotriangle of 50 cents.

Wij zijn er Om elkaar te helpen

Als je het gevoel hebt dat recruitment anders moet?

Recruitment is aan het veranderen van skills naar purpose driven. Het gaat om de mens: van #humanresoures naar #humanrelations.

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